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  • Cinderella Baby Pageant

    Infant (0-11mos) Baby (12-23mos) and Tiny Tot (24-35mos)Chaperone required for all modeling events. Casual Wear (dressy casual garment) Party Wear (formal dressy occasion) Playtime (bring 1 favorite toy)Brief introduction required at Casual Wear presentation by chaperone.
    Cinderella Baby Pageant
  • Tot Division

    Ages 3-6 yearsCompetition includes - Casual Wear, Party Wear, On-Stage Personality Interview and Photogenic.
    Tot Division
  • Miniature Miss Division

    Ages 7-9 yearsCompetition includes - Casual Wear, Party Wear, Interview, Talent and Photogenic.
    Miniature Miss Division
  • Miss Division

    Ages 10-12 yearsCompetition includes - Interview, Casual Wear, Party Wear, Talent and Photogenic.
    Miss Division
  • Teen Division

    Ages 13-17 yearsCompetition includes - Interview, Casual Wear, Formal Wear, Talent and Photogenic
    Teen Division
  • Woman Division

    Age 18-29 yearsCompetition includes - Interview, Casual Wear, Formal Wear, Talent and Photogenic.
    Woman Division
  • Interview

    Interview with the judges consisting of brief, simple age appropriate questions giving them an opportunity to observe grooming, garment choice, communicative skills, alertness, self confidence, manners and personality. (Tot-Miss) age appropriate wearable to dress up functions.(Teen-Woman) tailored business attire. 
  • Talent

    Any creative performance that entertains an audience (humorous skits, dramatics, pantomine, dancing, singing, musical instruments are just a few.  Judges consider accomplishment, proficiency, staging, transitions, composition of routine and costume.
  • Casual Wear

    Contestants model on stage n casual attire. Modeling presentations will include a brief self-introduction at center stage (name. age and hometown). Slacks and blouse, shorts and tailored sportswear.  No swimwear.
    Casual Wear
  • Party Wear

    Tot, Miniature Miss and Miss will model Party Dress (something you might wear to a wedding) of any length except formal length. Grace and confidence are characteristics judges will be looking for.
    Party Wear
  • Formal Wear

    Teen and Woman's Division are judged on their overall appearance and not her ability to model in an exaggerated way. She must stand attractively, walk gracefully and exit at the conclusion of her modeling.
    Formal Wear